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It may be hard to believe, but systematic breathing exercises can really turn our lives around. I Feodor, was at a dead end for a long time and I totally burnt out back in 2015. I was looking for a way out, suffering physically and emotionally, not wanting to believe the diagnosis made by doctors, I was looking for an alternative to bad habits and medical drugs and to my lifestyle full of bad habits. Classical meditation did not help soothe out my unrest, fears and failures in business and family, kept me awake at night.

But I did not give up and continued to experiment, mixing what worked, building my own solutions, based on the ancient basics. I realized that the most difficult thing was to force myself to shut down, at any time, anywhere, but for a short time. And I found a way to do it. That is how was born.

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A Body Without Age: Energetic Healing of Mexico
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Oct 23-27, 2019 Riviera Maya.

Join to Breathers on a special events…. THIS is precisely the time to use the It will recalibrate you.

Join to Breathers on a special events…. THIS is precisely the time to use the It will recalibrate you.


23-27 oct

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10 march

Mexican Phoenix
10-17 March 2019

Past event

2 dec

Brighton (England) 2018
2-4 December

What is - a breathing technique, together with the app serves as a personal pocket coach and motivator, an original voice and visual guide, will help you not to give up and succeed as its creator did.

Innovative breathing app


When your world goes out of control, and too much of everything happens, it’s hard to find 7 minutes for a breather, it’s at such moments that you need a timeout, just 7 minutes breathing technique, helps to cure a panic attack, and prompt the right decision.

Confidence before making decisions, release of mental and spiritual energy coming to the physical level.

Complete deliverance from obsessive ideas, fears and panic attacks.

Benefits talk’in


So what is it for?

Improved sleeping


By practising technique, you will be able to do a super fast sleep, it cools your mind down.

Increased learning potential


This silence will create space in your mind, to absorb everything, as a child, literally



Controlled emotions


Being silent, gives you space to see yourself from within

Multitasking abilities


By giving attention through breathing to 5 natural human abilities, hearing, breathing, talking, visualising and counting, you are tuning them to perfection all at once.

Better focus


Focus is essential in our life, who should have most of our precious time? Family? Work? Health?

By practising technique, your focus will be tuned to perfection, your intuition will point the directions, and you will trust them


OMG! I need this!

Heightened awareness


Being silent increases your intuitive abilities, helping you make the right decisions each time.

Deep relaxation


If you are brave enough, you can breathe your way directly into sleep, and experience the best relaxation

fully aware. :)


I am interested!

Every 4 minutes

a new Breather starts his first session

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We asked how it makes you feel?



Founder and CEO

Reduced stress levels, improved concentration, tamed negative thoughts … as we know, there are endless physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation… and people have known and used it for millennia.
However, with the busy mind of nowadays, sitting in perfect mental silence hasn’t always been that easy… I have tried various breathing techniques, but couldn’t “clear” my mind and stop the internal chatter… until I discovered the It is genius! I would have never thought that through focusing on 5 different elements at the same time, one can manage to create that mental silence, I was hoping for. It has changed my life, and for the better. See what it can do for you.


PM in gave me the opportunity to more clearly concentrate on everyday tasks. When I have a waterfall of various tasks and the brain no longer has time to process them, I do the exercise before the start of the working day and priorities are immediately distributed in the best way, and the horizon of their solutions expands significantly.


CEO in Emotion labs

For me, it is so hard to find time for the meditation, since I don't have a habit of mindfulness. I tried today with my colleague - we've done 3 cycles. It helpes me to relax and get special and unusual feeling inside the chest. But more important - it helps me to change my focus of view and train a willpower, calm down and concentrate. Also I believe, that visualization during the also works - but, of course, I have no hard evidence for that :)


Interaction designer

All apps for clearing my thoughts that I tested shared one problem - they are overthought and require a lot of time and attention. is different. It lets me “log-out” when I need it. It’s an easy way of letting go of what is troubling you, or what is not allowing you to focus. It is definitely one of a kind.



In the multitasking world its so important to be highly concentrated. But you also need time to refresh! Thanks to I give myself an excellent and useful break. It helps me to clear my mind, gives a great relax and fulfils with good intentions

I am an entrepreneur,
why do I need this?

Yes, I am also an entrepreneur, and in 2016, when my startup was collapsing, I thought the same, why do I need it, when I don't have time for breathing, I had 50 emails per day and zero solutions.

Yes, that's the paradox, to get more time, you need to spend more on yourself first.

It is necessary in order to muffle the internal dialogue, and for what?
Simple - you need to be quiet, in order to hear what your intuition has to say to you. The problem is, that it doesn’t always communicate through words and thoughts. You need this to save your vital energy, the internal chatter in your head consumes a lot of it.

This is necessary in order to stop worrying once and for all, and just go with the flow called life and it will help you to trust the choices that you make and be responsible for them each time.

In addition, you want to stop ageing and keep on looking fabulous for as long as you can. This technique is a universal solution - and for this reason I called it

So quick benefits for busy people and entrepreneurs:


to fix a panic attack immediately


to get creative solutions fast for complicated tasks


to do a quick micro sleep without passing out (power nap)


perform more tasks during the day / be productive


to see far ahead and around yourself, your now and awareness is here


to get more free time to do whatever you want


to have a fresh mind and be able to learn quickly, anything you want to learn

Advantages for the company, why do my employees need it?

so that your employees can rest quickly and be more focused

so that they can be more productive

so that you can reduce the amount of staff due to overloaded employees

so that employees reach your deadlines without burning down in the process

so that your employees develop vision and intuitive abilities

so that your company gets the competitive advantage in your market

So what else do I get?
First of all

Conscious air for your beautiful body, the more of such air, the better the brain and everything else functions in your body.

A silent mind. It is full control over your body done by you. Ask yourself this? Do I control my thoughts or do thoughts control me?

I am sure that it is different for all of us, but in my case and in the case of many people that I know, before I learned to breathe this technique, my whole life was controlled by thoughts, from one worry to the next, but now I clearly control them or simply don’t react to them as I used to before.

Today I can become silent just by taking a breath of air. It didn’t happen overnight, it took time, as with everything else, repetition is the key to mastery, with this technique, it is very easy to do, as it never gets boring. Each and every session is unique simply because each second on this planet is unique, it is your now.

New ideas / problem solving - how? It's very simple, once your mind is still, it creates space, a space to hear or see what the subconscious or nature / reality (call it whatever you want) sends you, it is full of signals, specially tailored just for you, to live your life in the best possible way. That is how this reality works, all you have to do is to see it and feel it.

Energy for everyday affairs - how? The best way to gain energy is to save energy When we dwell and worry, it takes a lot of energy from us. The ability to stretch the distance between thoughts gives energy, along with additional air and bodily relaxation during the sessions.
This technique can be done any place, anytime, in the plane, in a taxi, in noisy places, in any position and it takes only 7 minutes. The effect is immediate, and life gets more exciting the more you spend time on it.

Questions and answers
All you wanted to ask

What is the difference between and other breathing apps?

  • It is based on shamanic and Tibetan principles and is developed using modern digital technologies, in a simple and understandable way for a modern person, without any esoteric stuff.
  • It is created by a tech-founder for entrepreneurs and business people who need a quick solution right now when everything is in full swing.
  • It has a personal approach, a strong energy of the founder and the knowledge of his personal experience based on his daily practise, improvement and tuning of the technique for the past 3 years. It took him two years to make the app really work through the screen of a mobile device.

Yes, but there is only one technique? I think this is not enough for me

  • This is a formula, there are no limits where and for what to use it, unlike other techniques, it addresses the main problem right away, it creates silence in your head, when everything is quiet, you can do whatever you want. Therefore, it is just a formula.
  • Yes - it is “one” technique, however it is customisable beyond limits, and new features are added on a regular basis, as the founder keeps on discovering them.
  • Better master one thing to perfection than do loads of things without mastery. Once you master your breathing, your life will be more potent and full.

Yes, but I used to do with the instructor, I find it hard to motivate myself

  • Here I absolutely agree, it's easier for everyone to do it with someone, that’s why the application is designed so that you don’t feel bored, I’ll be there with you always, and you can order individual and corporate sessions right through the application, very soon. I absolutely understand what you mean, because when I was mastering it, no one helped me, I was all alone, in my garage, however I do have a very strong will. For that reason, it was vital for me to build the app, so that it was easier for other people to learn it quick and be motivated to breathe it.
  • You will be able to do it with Feodor on a daily basis, if you get the master package.

But still, I'm scared, I'm afraid of change in life.

  • Go ahead and download the app, do not be afraid. You can always ask me questions through the app. I'm with you at all times.
    Go ahead and download the app, do not be afraid. You can always ask me questions through the app. I'm with you at all times.

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